Mapusa and Panjim Market Trip, a Shoppers Paradise!
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Mapusa and Panjim Market Trip, a Shoppers Paradise!

Visiting Famous markets in Goa.

Why Mapusa and  Panjim Market? Obviously there are a lot of markets in Goa, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, which are flea markets managed by tourists, Goans and indians alike. Owing to the popularity of the beach, these markets lend to be somewhat expensive and if you don’t bargain the vendors may take you for a ride! But if you want to experience the real goan culture, handicrafts, local produce, spices and arts the most famous are the Mapusa and Panjim Market!

The history behind Mapusa / Panjim market?

Mapusa market started long ago before there were even beach shacks and Flea markets. Mapusa market was a agrarian community in ancient times dating back to the 2200 BC way before the portuguese settled in India. Farmers, tradesmen, Fisher women bartered with their local grains and livestock.

Panjim on the other hand was a famous port used by the Sumerian, Phoenicians, Harrapans, the Indo Parthians and Mauryans.

Trade was also carried out by spice merchants from malabar (kerela) and yemen arabs and the chinese silk route which passed through india. Ships docked daily and carried special cargo in and out of the port in Panjim, which made panjim the hub of all trade, commerce and cultural exchange and a, “Garden of Eden” in India.

No wonder Goa has been home to a wave of migrants from different races and ethnicities!

What can I buy from Mapusa Market?

In modern times, you can buy handicrafts, Goan homegrown fruits like cashews, mangoes, jackfruits, pineapples, Kokum, bananas and almost all types of veggies and spices! And ofcourse marinated sausages, and meat pickles!

The Mapusa friday market has people selling everything for a discounted price! If you are a pickle, jam and sweet lover, you can buy it from the vendors who prepare it with love! By the way you have got to try Dodol and Bebinca!

Coconut Jaggery and the local cashew, “Feni” are a few of the goan exports that make their way all around the world!

Is Alcohol cheap in Goa!

Alcohol is usually tax free in Goa and that is why it is cheap. But let me warn you that alcohol bought in Goa, can be consumed only in Goa! You can buy it from the, “Wine” shops in Mapusa.

Is there anything special that I can do in Mapusa, except shopping?

Every sunday the Mapusa Tiatr center (located opp Mapusa bus stand) conducts live, “Goan Tiatr’s” or “Drama’s”. You can avail a seat for the 1 hour musical play at the rate of Rs: 100/person. The plays are usually in the state language of Goa that is “Konkani”

Enough about Mapusa, what can I do in Panjim?

Panjim is a paradise, you can visit the, “Sunset River Cruise” every evening at 7 PM for 300 /person. You can visit casinos and try your luck there. Panjim market is the biggest market in Goa, selling everything from fresh Produce to
designer clothes, jewellery and antiques!

Panjim is modernized and has about a couple of shopping malls, like “Mall De Goa” in povorim and “Caculo Mall” in Panjim  city!

Panjim is open 24 hours because its the capital of Goa and a bustling place with tourists coming and going all night long! But beware local buses close by 9 PM and you will have to avail a taxi or a “Pilot” Bike during after 9 PM.

These are just 2 of the markets in Goa, Mapusa Market and Panjim Market, there are many more markets in Goa, that you might have not explored yet! So what are waiting for! Let’s Go!

Panjim / Mapusa Market Trip

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