LetsGo Organic Spice Plantation in Goa Revora.
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Our Spice Plantation in Goa is just about 10 kms from Mapusa however located in Gods own country, Goa Revora holds many secrets that are yet to be discovered by Indian and foreign tourists alike. 

The history of Spice Plantation in Goa Revora.

Firstly Revora was established as a trade port by the Portuguese in 1653. Secondly the Portuguese and local Brahmin villages traded fish, Paddy, and Spices especially black pepper making both parties rich!

Decline in Spice Plantation Trade because of Modernization.

Since the past few decades the Spice Plantations in Goa, have seen a sharp decline in trade and commerce, because of modernization. Now a days there are hardly any Spice plantations in Goa Revora left in hence it is not a tourist spot it used to be before.

Re-kindling the Spice Plantation Business.

We at Letsgoadventuresgoa are re-kindling the Spice Plantation in Goa business in Revora so that not only our future generations will take pride in it but also to increase the local business of Goans.

Guided Tour of Exotic Spice Plantation and a Fruit Orchard.

Not only will we give you a guided tour of our plantation, but also teach you never before health benefits and secrets for beauty and youth and ancient Goan Culture.

Our Main Goal is Growing are Exotic Fruits like Bread fruit in Goa, Soursop in Goa, Jackfruit, Nagpur Oranges, Coconuts, Pineapples, Sweet Lime, Lemon, Barbados Cherry, Pan, Cashew nuts, and Bananas but also Spices in Goa like Turmeric, Nutmeg, Cardamom. Finally we also have Tubers growing here!

Value Addition of Organic Fruits and Vegetables.

We have Value Addition to these we traditionally prepare Goan Feni. We not only have Mango Jam, Pineapple Jam, Orange Marmalade but also Pickles like Cucumber Pickles, Lemon Pickles, Ivy Gourd Pickles are also prepared by us at home.

Every part of the Coconuts is used because of its many features because of this it is called the kalpavriksha. The Husk is used to make Cocopeat (Soilless agriculture), The Coconuts shells are used as handicraft, The Coconut itself is used to make Coconut Feni, and the Coconut fruit is used in our Masalas used to prepare Traditional cuisine.

Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Cuisine consists not only of Fish, but also Organic Vegetables and fruits!

To Sum up the Spice Plantation in Goa, Revora.

Help us to teach the Future Generation about growing all kinds of plants. Please support us Letsgoadventuresgoa Spice Plantation in Goa!

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February 13, 2021
Very nice, I would loe to visit the spice plantation soon!

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