Who says Goa does not have the potential for organizing overnight House Boat trips, like the ones in Kerala or Kashmir? Goan Houseboat trips are unique in their own bewitching way!

Get ready to go on an unknown journey through the immaculate waters of Mandovi river in Goa. Go and explore the unchartered, “Other Half of the Mandovi river, where, cranes, kingfishers and even yes even crocodiles wait you!

As soon as you board our boat we welcome you with flowers and Feni! You can then check into your AC cabin and relax for a while. The real fun begins when we take you on the upper deck and give you a glimpse of the Goan fishing villages, the Aldona Church while you yourself sip a drink and enjoying a laid back fishing experience. All the history behind the legend and myth of these places is narrated to you by our Tour guide on board!

Catch or no Catch you are served semolina fried Pompret with some snacks. After docking for the night at Aldona, the atmosphere changes to music on board, song and dance with a get together table laid out for you and other guests.

A perfect choice for newly married couples on honeymoon ! 

The evening breeze sweeps in and there is a glimmer of moonlight shining in the river, to let you know that the night is still young.

We start with the usual sipping of drinks, a few songs sung and on some very special days we give you a surprise of Goan folk music song by our guides that is indubitably unmatched in every aspect!

You can then make you way to your respective dinner table, enjoy the Goan Cuisine and platter of Fish, Chicken and Veggies laid out to you and close shop for the day in your well-furnished AC rooms.

Come morning we serve you breakfast in bed, one of the many rare things that we actually do to make our guests feel at home! And then the crocodile Dundee begins! You have to observe the crocs carefully as they clearly disguise themselves in the mangroves!

You then just take in the warmth of the morning star and soak in the experience that the night before had on you and wonder, if you could stay a little longer. By that time snacks are served and we are almost at the end of our tour!

A group photograph means we seal your memories with us forever and let you write a few good things about us in your books, so as placidly in began in the river of crocs, so does it end serenely in the afternoon the next day, trying to engulf you once again in the Episode of a lifetime!

Overnight House Boat Trip in the Mandovi River

DURATION 3 PM to 11 AM (Overnight)
PRICE ₹ 6900/Adult (Min 2 PAX / 1 Cabin)
₹ 3000/KidNote: A min of 2 Adult PAX is required to occupy 1 cabin of the houseboat
Pickup / Drop from Hotel Welcome Ceremony and drink
Evening Snacks Fishing
Birds, Goan Fishing Villages, Aldona Church and Back water Sunset Dinner
Sleepover in AC Furnished Cabins with bathroom / toilet attached, (Hot water provided on request) Breakfast & Mid-Day snacks
Crocodile sighting  Early morning Bird Watching


AC Furnished Cabins with bathroom / toilet attached, (Hot water provided on request)
Drinks, cocktails, beer etc can be brought at the counter at an extra cost



Save Goa: Be kind to animals and plant more trees. Request you not to feed the monkeys


3 PM

Board the houseboat and enjoy the welcome provided to you with a drink


4 PM

The house boat trip Journey Begins


5 PM

Light refreshments are served

Sightseeing of Goan fishing villages, bird, Aldona Church, Backwater Sunset begins


6 PM

Fancy yourself with a well-equipped fishing rod!


7 PM

Enjoy a fried Goan Fish with snacks!


8 PM

The house boat docks for the night at Aldona


830 PM

Let the music and the festivities begin

10 PM

Dinner is served, your highness!


12 AM

Call it a day and rest your soul in our Luxurious AC cabins!


8 AM

Your Morning Tea is ready


830 AM

Crocodile Dundee begins, along with Bird watching


930 AM

Light snacks are served


1030 AM

Take a group photo with the other guests and write some good notes for us on Trip Advisor/ Facebook


11 AM

The Journey of a life time comes to a standstill as you make your way back home and take a cherished and unforgettable experience along with you.


Drop back to your hotel

Your Morning Tea is ready

Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River
Overnight House Trip Mandovi River

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 14 reviews
December 18, 2019

I booked the overnight house boat trip from letsgoadventuresgoa and they did not disappoint me. The rooms in the boat were spacious and lovely. There was a terrace where we all gathered together to have snacks and beer. There was sightseeing from the boat of churches, the bird Sanctuary and temples as well! In the evening there was a Indian Classical session of the flute and tabla. The food was also delicious. We had a good night sleep in the AC room. It was crocodile sighseeing in the morning and fishing, we did not catch too many fishes but the crocodile we did see. Breakfast and brunch was served to us which was delicious! We got off the house boat with beautiful moments! Thank you letsgoadventuresgoa.

January 12, 2020

Overnight House Boat trip is now in Goa as well. We planned for our family and we were not disappointed. From the lovely Fish platters to the classical flute music to the breakfast and brunch everything was taken care by letsgoadventuresgoa. Thanks.

February 14, 2020

Me and my girlfriend always wanted to spend a night in a house boat and our wish came true! We were greeted with Food, Beer and music, all of which we enjoyed. I will recommend letsgoadventuresgoa to my friends and family.

January 31, 2021

Overnight house boat trip is not only in Kerela but found in Goa as well! Letsgoadventuresgoa gave us a front seat to evening sightseeing, crocodile watching and fishing. We had a good time.

February 9, 2021

The best overnight house boat trip I ever had by letsgoadventuresgoa. Everything was perfect from the sightseeing to the food. Excellent service by letsgoadventuresgoa!

February 14, 2021

We have to say we experienced Overnight houseboat trip from letsgoadventuresgoa anf it was really amazing! Thank you.

February 15, 2021

The overnight house boat trip on the Mandovi river was really amazing. Bird watching, corcodile watching, fishing all were enjoyed by us. The food was also delicious we had starters, dinner, breakfast and brunch all served to out room.

February 17, 2021

Overnight house on the Mandovi river was spectacular sight for us. We saw birds, crocodiles and churches and temple. Snacks, dinner, breakfast, brunch all were served to us in our room itself. Satish and his team were amazing so were letsgoadventuresgoa.

February 20, 2021

Good service, nice rooms and great food. We also enjoyed fishing and crocodile sighting. All thanks to letsgadventuresgoa. Kudos to you.

February 24, 2021

Overnight houseboat trip in Goa on our honeymoon was just the best. We enjoyed every moment of it.

February 28, 2021

Overnight houseboat trip for our honeymoon was just perfect. Everything from the boat to the goan cuisine served was great!

March 2, 2021

Overnight houseboat trip in the Mandovi river was perfect for me and my wife who were on our honeymoon. The bird watching and crocodile tour combined with delicious goan spicy food was just great. We were also entertained by classical goan music in the end.

March 9, 2021

Very well organized and planned houseboat trip arranged by letsgoadventuresgoa. We had the time of our life. Food was also great!

March 11, 2021

Letsgoadventuresgoa made our honey very memorable aboard the overnight houseboat in the mandovi river. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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